ITM developed a CNC rebuilding program that offers true OEM quality rebuild work to its tool grinding customers. Complete rebuild projects have been performed on machines as old as 30+ years. To the utmost satisfaction of our customers, the retrofit program offers replacement controls as well as reconfiguring highly responsive drives and motor spindles. Many heavy duty tool grinders and well engineered ITM machines re-gain new life with new electronics provided by FANUC.

Contact us for more information regarding FANUC CNC controls, electrical wiring and mechanical assembly rebuilds at 386-446-0500.

Scope of CNC Rebuild

• Disassemble tool grinding machines completely down to components
• Rebuild / repair ball screws, spindles, tailstocks and slides
• Retrofit machines with new controls, drives etc.
• Provide completely new electrical schematics
• Rebuild spindles, replace old tool grinding spindles
• Repaint complete machines professionally
• Add accessories, provide automation solutions

Retrofit Packages To Offer

• Fanuc controls on Window based platform, drives and motors as a turnkey package
• CNC controls which can be integrated both with analog and digital drives
• Replace old PDM and frequency variable drives with new digital drives (ABB, SIEMENS, etc.)
• Rewire and install new relay panels in electrical cabinets

Before Rebuild – Inside PPG Tool Grinder

PPG Inside Before...

After Rebuild – Inside PPG Tool Grinder

Peel Grinder Inside After








Articles on CTE:

New life for old iron– Michael Kelley, mechanical engineer for International Tool Machines, Palm Coast, Fla., emphasized how the company’s retrofits extend the life of the CNC grinding machines ITM builds, which can be 25-plus years old. “The strategy tends to be economical as the retrofit machine runs almost like a new machine,” he said, noting a retrofit is usually 30 to 60 percent of the cost of a comparable new grinder. “Many customers find a high return on investment when an old machine is retrofit.”

Cutting downtime– Overall, Tivoly was pleased with ITM’s results. “It was quite a challenge for ITM because of the machine’s age,” Gowdy concluded. “They were exceptional in working with us on the new software, which they had to program from scratch. They tried to get the old programs out of the old controller, but it wouldn’t give them up.”

Gowdy is especially satisfied with only 2 hours of machine downtime so far this year.


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