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As a manufacturer of precision grinding machines, we know the importance of a precise, dependable coolant supply.

After a long period of research and testing, we selected diatomaceous earth (DE) as the filter media for our line of automatic coolant delivery/filtration systems. DE consists of skeletal remains of microscopic aquatic organisms with sizes varying from 10 to 200 microns in diameter. It’s natural structure is very intricate with sub-micron pores on the surface. Compared to conventional filter media, with plain and even surfaces, DE particles have a very large surface area in relation to their overall size. DE coated candles in ITM Coolant Filtration Systems enable filtration of particles as small as 5 microns versus 20 microns with conventional systems.
ITM oil filters are equipped with a fully automatic sludge dryer in place of a standard vacuum system, to separate oil from the grinding sludge. After the filter has been dumped, the dirty oil with sludge is pumped into the dryer unit. the oil is separated and returned to the cleaning cycle by pressing it out of the sludge with the use of up to 6 bar (90psi) air pressure. The cake, which is left, is then dried and automatically dumped into a disposal bin.
DE is being used as a filter media in the beverage and water cleaning industries and has proved it’s superiority and safety. Properly handled, DE in not hazardous to the health.

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