Stand Alone Sludge Dryer


Stand Alone Sludge Dryer

ITM Sludge Dryer


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The same ITM automatic sludge dryer found on our AFS-8-200 filtration systems is used on the stand-alone sludge dryer. This unit is designed to dry sludge from existing central systems. It is more effective than traditional vacuum, centrifugal, or gravity drying systems. The sludge storage tank size and sludge-processing capacity can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

Integrated with ITM’s Advanced Filtration System (AFS) unit is a proprietary Sludge Dryer System- a stand-alone unit for recycling grinding oil and water soluble coolant. With over 250 sludge dryers in various industries, ITM customers includes Kennametal, Caterpillar, Greenlee, TRW, SMAT, etc. ranging from cutting tool manufacturers to aerospace components manufacturers.

To optimize the performance of coolant filtration systems ITM developed this unit to recover coolant oil out of grinding sludge. It can be added to ITM’s Filtration system or any other existing system. The Sludge Dryer operates 24/7 in unmanned and fully automatic cycles, which is controlled by a reliable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

To separate the oil from the sludge, the mix of sludge and dirty oil is pumped into the dryer and the oil is pressed out by applying air pressure up to 6 bars. With this procedure almost all of the coolant oil is recovered and returned to the cleaning cycle, while the “cake” of compressed sludge, which is dry to a degree of 99.9%, is automatically dumped into a disposal bin.

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