Grinding Applications

Typical Tools or Parts for ITM Grinding Machines

ITM Grinding Applications


International Tool Machines (ITM, has been in business for over 30 years providing machines to the world’s most reputable tool companies. Our production machine uses only the best components from Germany-Europe, Japan and the USA. ITM’s precision grinding machines are built in the USA (FL).

Something for you to consider for your manufacturing of high performance cutting tools:

> Chamfer Grinder (UODG) – Chamfer with or without relief

> Coolant Filtration System (AFS-8-200) — Filters particles as small as 5 microns, up to 50 bar(800 psi) coolant pressure & Automatic Sludge Dryer compacts the oil sludge and further separates the clean oil

> Form Grinder (FPG) – Designed to form both ends of a part complete in one setup

> Peel and Plunge Grinder (PPG) — For preparing step or straight blanks for CNC machining, up to 50 mm of precision and fast peel and plunge grinding (Larger OD peeling upon request)

> Rotary Transfer Grinder (RTG) — For grinding medical drills, end mills, countersinks, punches, taps, automotive,     aerospace and medical parts, form tools

> Thread Grinder (THG) – Thread and Chamfer in the same clamping. General Thread Grinding with or without relief

> Universal Flute Grinder (UFG) & (UFGG) — For fluting taps and drills, sharpening hobbing cutters, and form flutes

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