Universal Flute Grinders



Universal Flute Grinder

Universal Flute Grinder


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Flute grinding is the most time consuming and thus most cost intensive manufacturing step during tool grinding (taps, drills, end mills) production. In recent years, tool grinding machines have become more compact, axis path lengths have reduced, and machine controls have become more efficient.

Simultaneously ITM has developed flute grinder that produces higher and more economic output.

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ITM’s FLUTE SERIES UFG-25 is a high power (up to 40HP) and high productivity flute grinding machine for Taps, Reamers & End mills. The machine can be hand loaded or equipped with an optional automatic loading system using standard cassettes for extended production runs.  With seven CNC controlled axes, setup time is fast (less than 15 minutes), making the machine economical for both large or small production runs. An optional Fanuc Robot loader is available with this model of CNC.

The machine has a heavy, welded, stress‑relieved base.  The Workhead (A axis: Tool rotation), Wheel head index (U axis: helix control and dressing position), cross slide (Z axis: Flute depth), wheel dress infeed (V axis) and longitudinal slide (X axis: Flute length) are CNC controlled.   The loader servo axis Lx and Ly are also CNC controlled.

UFG Moveable Robot Table

UFG with Robot Loader in Grinding Position

UFG Robot Table - Moveable Away Position

UFG with Robot in Maintenance Position


The workhead is mounted on a heavy precision slide onto the machine base.  It is moved on the slide by a three position hydraulic cylinder for loading and unloading tools.  As a standard, the workhead is equipped with a collet assembly and hydraulic collet closer.  During flute grinding the parts are supported in a center on the sturdy tailstock, which is mounted in a fixed position to the machine base. This set-up allows for quick and easy changeovers to different tools because the tip of the tool always determines the location.

The Wheel head features ITM’s pivot Axis with high precision belt technology eliminating any possibility of backlash.  It is mounted onto the X-Z cross slide table and it is capable of rotating 60º positive and 60º negative in order to grind right‑ or left‑handed spiral tools as well as straight flutes. Flutes can be ground with or without taper. The wheel head can also rotate into a 90º position to dress the wheel with the standard table mounted diamond roll dresser. Each desired wheel shape is generated by interpolating the machine’s axes, which maneuver the wheel along the stationary diamond roll.  The unique design of the machine allows for dressing while loading, therefore the dressing does not increase the total cycle time of a tool. The machine is equipped with a high performance motor spindle with ceramic bearings. As a standard the spindle is cooled by temperature controlled water and it is air purged. This machine can be operated with wheel speeds up to 80 m/s when using the correct grinding wheels.  The rigidity of the machine, as well as, the programmable capability allows the use of standard resinoid wheels, plated CBN wheels, dressable CBN wheels or diamond wheels. This design offers the rigidity needed for high production applications. All axes are controlled by digital AC servo motors with encoder feedback.  The X and Z axes have an incremental movement of .001mm with a rapid traverse rate up to 2,500mm/min.  The resolution of the A, and U axes is .001º.

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UFG Inside

UFG Inside

  • Taps: Straight Flutes, right & left hand Flutes, Spiral Point*
  • Endmills – Carbide & HSS: Flutes, OD Relief*
  • Twistdrills (Industrial/ Aircraft/ S+D/ DIY/ Medical/ PCB) – Carbide, HSS & Stainless: Flutes, OD Relief*
  • Medical Tools – Stainless & Titanium: Fluting Drills, Reamers, Burs
  • Reamers – Carbide & HSS: Flutes, OD Relief*
  • Countersinks – Carbide & HSS: Flutes, Cone Relief, OD*
  • Counterbores: Flutes, OD Relief, Pilot OD*
  • Annular Hole Cutters: Flutes
  • Cylindrical Burs – Carbide & HSS: Flutes, Chipbreakers*
  • Cylindrical Routers – Carbide & HSS: Right & left hand Flutes*
  • Form Relieved Cutters – Flutes, Relief*

* 2nd and 3rd Operation may have to be performed in separate set-ups.

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