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ITM Newsletter Archives:

ATK Vol. 58 – Peel Grinder Technical Brief


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ATK Vol. 61 – Advanced Filtration Systems


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ATK Vol. 63 – Peel Series


ATK Vol. 64 – Chamfer Grinder


ATK Vol. 65 – RTG for Step Drills

ITM RTG for Step Drills_ATK65_Thumb




ATK Vol. 66 – Peel & Plunge Grinder (PPG)

ITM PPG_ATK66_thumb

Cutting Tool Engineering Articles:

CTE-JULY 2012 Cutting Downtime

CTE-AUG 2012-New Life For Old Iron

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ITM was founded with the purpose of supplying application driven, high value production grinding machines to a worldwide customer base. ITM builds the machines that help customers build precise tools in less time. Precision built to last. Continuous improvement of products is an ITM policy. Grinding out the limitations.

ITM was established in 1981 with the purpose of supplying application driven, high value, production grinding machines to a worldwide customer base. In 1996 ITM Germany was founded to coordinate the service in Europe and for the production of machines. Devoted to solving the most challenging grinding operations, ITM’s machine concept has been developed through constant consideration of the market’s needs.

As of today, International Tool Machines has enjoyed a successful history in the production of precision computer controlled grinding machines. In the production of its products, the ITM Corporation develops the concept and the software, and assembles the machines as well as the required electronics. The entire development and design process of the ITM product is accomplished utilizing the latest computer technology.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or want to schedule a machine demonstration.