ITM’s PPG (OD Grinder) was developed for grinding cylindrical or tapered parts with multiple steps or profiles. To hold the tightest tolerances (1 micron repeatability) the parts are clamped between high precision centers, which allow grinding along the complete part length without the necessity of reclamping. The PPG has a 15” screen panel along with an integrated computer interface for ease of use. Machines are built with easy access for wheel and tool changes and setup time is only 10 minutes.

The PPG is capable of grinding materials such as High Speed Steel (HSS) and Carbide. Customers prefer the advantages of producing their own blanks in high production batches with high precision accuracy. Thus, they avoid the cost of purchasing expensive blanks.

For tool loading and unloading, ITM offers a cassette loading system. Up to 300 pieces can be pre-loaded in cassettes for long periods of unattended operation. For special tools or parts, customers often opt for the Robot Loaders.

The versatile robot that increases productivity across an extensive range of tasks.

Available with different reaches and wrist speeds, this human-arm sized robot is your best compact solution for fast handling and processing parts up to 15 lbs across a whole range of industries including medical tools or automotive parts. Featuring optional integrated intelligent (vision & force) functionality for even higher levels of accuracy and productivity.

Peel Grinder Inside

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