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is a market leader of high quality CNC tool and cutter grinders. ITM has tool grinders to meet everything from your medium size production to your large scale manufacturing requirements. ITM has FLUTESERIES grinders to flute grind a wide variety of complex tools. These include grinding endmills, taps, annular hole cutters, routers, burs and reamers. ITM PEELSERIES production machines grind precision ODs, profiles, tapers, chamfers, forms on end of tools of all your HSS and carbide cutting tools. ITM’s ROTARYSERIES utilizes a high speed rotary transfer mechanism for movement of tools between stations. The workstations (with up to 21 CNC controlled axes) can be designed and arranged in a variety of combinations depending on your tool grinding application with all stations work simultaneously. What makes this a production machine for your cutting tools is that the total production time is equal to the longest single operation plus transfer time.

For futher information regarding ITM precision and production grinding machines, please call us at 386-446-0500.

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