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Rotary Transfer Grinder (RTG)

Rotary Transfer Grinder (RTG)

The Rotary Transfer Grinder (RTG) is a high production  grinding machine with multiple grinding stations capable of grinding multiple grinding applications simultaneously. In the automotive industry, RTG-A produces automotive camshafts, struts, levers, gears, shafts, sprockets and rotors. In the cutting tool industry, RTG-T produces step drills, end mills, reamers, drills and taps. In the medical industry, RTG-M produces medical drills, burs and reamers.

With its flexible axis arrangement (up to 21 axis), the RTG will be able to grind virtually any form. The workstations can be designed and arranged in a variety of combinations depending on your application. What makes this a production machine for your part is that the total production time is equal to the longest single operation plus transfer time (4 seconds).


2016 – Highlights

  • ITM has been very active in building CNC Grinding Machines (Tool & Cutter Grinders)

  • Demonstrating machines: Peel Grinder, Form Grinder, Flute Grinder and Rotary Transfer Grinder

  • Test grinding customer parts: Medical Drills, Combined Center Drills, Step Drills, Twist Drills, Automotive Parts, Tap Blanks, Tap Flutes (Straight with Gunnose, Spiral), Reamers

  • Customer Machine Run-offs

  • Customer Service Trips

  • Machine deliveries to USA & Asia


  • Once a Year – Demonstration Machine Sale (Great Value! Machines in Stock for Fast Delivery!)

  • Have a Wonderful Holidays – fill with Peace, Hope and Prosperity!


December– Happy Holidays from your friends at ITM!

November– Sample Tool Grinding on RTG

  • RTG for Step Drills

October– Sample Tool Grinding on PPG & FPG

  • Precision Blanks
  • Endmill Blanks

September– Tool Grinding, Rotary Transfer Grinder

August– Sample Tool Grinding on RTG

  • RTG for Micro Center Drills (#1 – #5-0)

July– Sample Tool Grinding on PPG & RTG (Happy 4th of July!)

  • PPG for Taps (Precision OD, tapers, multiple steps)
  • RTG for Drill Inserts

June– Tool Grinding Rotary Transfer Grinder

  • RTG for Precision Reamers (HSS & Carbide)
    • > Station 1: Flute Grinding     > Station 2: OD Relief Grinding     > Station 3: Chamfer Grinding
  • RTG for Routers – Carbide (solid, brazed) & HSS

May– Machine demostration on Rotary Transfer Grinder

  • RTG for Step Drills: > Station 1: Flutes  > Station 2: Step OD  > Station 3: Point – 4 facets, conical 
  • RTG for Center Drills: > Station 1: Flutes  > Station 2: Radial & Axial Relief  > Station 3: Point

April – Machine demonstration on Rotary Transfer Grinder

  • RTG for Medical Tools

March – Rotary Transfer Grinder

  • RTG for Automotive Parts
  • Station 1: Face Grinding     Station 2: ID Bore Grinding     Station 3: Ball Ramp Grinding

Feb – I love my PPG!

  • Peel & Plunge Grinders are available for immediate delivery.

Jan – Happy New Year!

  • RTG: Center Drills: > Station 1: Flutes  > Station 2: Radial & Axial Relief  > Station 3: Point
  • PPG: Tap Blanks: > OD grinding, Steps and Taper Grinding
  • New FANUC Video with ITM’s Precision Grinding Machines


December – Tool Grinding

  • PPG – grinding M8 & M12 tap blanks (grind OD, shank and taper)
  • FPG – grinding part with offset tang and groove
  • FPG – grinding part with taper, steps and straight ODs

November – Demo Machine Offer (lowest price of the year)

  • ITM’S PEEL GRINDER grinds precision straight ODs, chamfers, tapered parts with multiple steps, any curves or profiles. To hold the tightest tolerances the parts are clamped between high precision centers, which allow grinding along the complete part length without the necessity of reclamping.
  • FORM GRINDER – Form Both Ends of a Part Complete in One Setup
    ITM’s Form Grinder is equipped with two precision chucks, one on the left and right workheads. Parts can be high speed ground while clamped in the chuck between centers. Possible operations include grinding shank chamfer, centering tip & pre-point, oil hole connecting slots, OD shank & cutting diameter with multiple steps, and more! Machine is fast and flexible and quick set up times.

October – Tool Grinding

  • UFG – Building future flute grinders
  • RTG – Working with Bearing company

September – Tool Grinding    

  • PPG – Peel grinding with large material removal of Carbide & Zirconia blanks

August – Tool Grinder

  • RTG – Complete tool grinding of End mills

July – Updating Machines      

  • Updating CNC controls: Peel & Plunge Grinder
  • Updating CNC controls & Mechanical: Form Grinder

June – Tool Grinder

  • PPG – Peel, taper, OD grinding of Hobs – large 25 pounds Hob Blanks

May – Tool Grinding – Blank Preparation

  • PPG – Peel grinding small tap blanks
  • UFGG – Machine runoff for Taps

April – Machine Run-offs

  • UFG – Flute Grinder for straight, right and left hand flutes with or without gun nose
  • Flute Grinding for Taps, End mills and Reamers

March – Tool Grinding

  • RTG – Drills with Spurs
  • PPG – Peel grinding precision Gages with mirror finish

Feb  – Tool Grinding

  • PPG – Crankshafts for chainsaws
  • RTG – Step drills

Jan – Happy New Year!

  • Machine Demonstration – Peel Grinders with Gauge & Wheel Balancer

Tool Grinding in 2016: FORM GRINDER (FPG):

Form Grinder

Form Grinder

Form Grinders (FPGDesigned to form both ends of a part complete in one setup). In order to produce finished cutting tools you must begin with a prepared blank.  The challenge is to produce a machine for Carbide and HSS blank preparation that is both flexible and very productive. ITM’s Form Grinder is designed to grind the points and cutting diameters of tool blanks complete in one setup.  Two rigid synchronized spindles are mounted opposite each other onto high precision rails.  Clamping with two individual Chucks for grinding both part ends in one set-up, or clamping with Chuck & Center.

FPG Video



Tool Grinding in Q2, 2017: PEEL & PLUNGE GRINDER (PPG):

PEEL SERIESNew & Demo version available!

Production of new PPG has already started and will be completed by early 2017. The Peel Grinder is capable of grinding materials such as High Speed Steel (HSS) and Carbide. Customers prefer the advantages of producing their own blanks in high production batches with high precision accuracy. Thus, they avoid the cost of purchasing expensive blanks.


  • Up to 4 CNC Axes
  • Motorspindles up to 30 HP
  • Grinds: Straight OD’s, Contours, Tapers, Chamfers, Shoulders, Grooves, Flats, Squares, Threads etc.
  • Designed for 24 Hour Production

Contact Sales & Marketing at 386-446-0500 to schedule an appointment.

Universal Flute & Gunnose Grinder (UFGG): 

Universal Flute & Gunnose Grinder (UFGG)

Universal Flute & Gunnose Grinder (UFGG)

UFGGs (Flute Grinders)  for flute grinding taps, end mills, reamers and more.

Contact Sales & Marketing at 386-446-0500 to schedule an appointment.


  • Up to 7 CNC Axes
  • Motorspindles up to 24 HP
  • Rigid & Heavy Duty
  • Designed for 24 Hour Production

Customers Include: Dormer Tools, Ruko GmbH & Tivoly Inc.


Universal Flute Grinder (UFG):

UFG-25 with Robot Loader

UFG-25 with Robot Loader

Contact Sales & Marketing at 386-446-0500 to schedule an appointment


  • Up to 7 CNC Axes
  • Motorspindles up to 40 HP
  • Automatic Loading System
  • Designed for 24 Hour Production
  • This Flute Grinder has the optional Robotic Loader System


Customers Include: Lenox Tools & YG-1 Tool Company.


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