Mission Statement: ITM was founded with the purpose of supplying application driven, high value production grinding machines to a worldwide customer base. ITM builds the machines that help customers build precise tools in less time. Precision built to last. Continuous improvement of products is an ITM policy. Grinding out the limitations.


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ITM was established in 1981 with the purpose of supplying application driven, high value, production grinding machines to a worldwide customer base. In 1996 ITM Germany was founded to coordinate the service in Europe and for the production of machines. Devoted to solving the most challenging grinding operations, ITM’s machine concept has been developed through constant consideration of the market’s needs.

As of today, International Tool Machines has enjoyed a successful history in the production of precision computer controlled grinding machines. In the production of its products, the ITM Corporation develops the concept and the software, and assembles the machines as well as the required electronics. The entire development and design process of the ITM product is accomplished utilizing the latest computer technology.

A worldwide customer base and exposure to a variety of industry markets such as cutting tools, tools and parts for the medical industry, automotive industry and other special fields has provided ITM with the knowledge that can only be obtained through years of diversified experience. This knowledge and experience is utilized in our present machine design. By using a building block concept, in conjunction with the latest computer technology, our machines are easily tailored to the customer’s exact needs. The innovation of these machines is that 80 percent of their components can be applied universally to a range of tasks, while only 20 percent of the machine must be customized to suit specific tasks. This results in a machine perfectly suited for the customer’s desired applications. ITM continues to work towards new innovations that keep us on the cutting edge.

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ITM Award


ITM Receives Best of Palm Coast Award Again!

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, September 18 — International Tool Machines “ITM” has been selected for the Best of Palm Coast Award in the Metal Cutting Machines category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA Award Program recognizes outstanding businesses throughout the country each year.


ITM’s Future

At ITM we are very active building new machines, updating existing customer’s machines as well as servicing customer’s machines at their facilities. ITM’s growing customer base and a constantly rising order situation require a severe expansion of our operation. Therefore ITM is currently planning to expand the size of the factory and strengthen the workforce. In addition we will improve the relation to our existing and future customers providing immediate technical assistance and friendly customer service.

ITM Distributor Network

International Tool Machines has a long tradition of manufacturing high precision and high production grinding machines and at the same time offering competitive pricing, delivery, and outstanding customer service. These are the cornerstones under which ITM was founded and the cornerstones that will be its foundation in the future.

ITM grinding machines are used in the Tool & Cutter Industry, the Medical Tool & Implant Industry, and in the Automotive Industry.  Our customer list includes some of the most well known names in their respective industry. 

We are looking for machine distributors in high manufacturing areas. Kindly send your interest by email to or call us
at 386-446-0500.

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ITM Design Grinding Facility

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ITM Design Grinding Facility

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